We take pride in delivering quality service to all of our customers.  Here
are a few quotes from our clients:

Over the past 8 years, Brian has helped me identify many opportunities
for profit improvement and has helped me find other advisors that have
also improved efficiency.  I would recommend YCG to anyone.  They
bring a lot of positive energy into projects.
                                        Dan  S.  Bank CEO  South Dakota

My firm has worked with the YCG for years.  They understand lending
very well.  Brian has a way of handling difficult situations in a very direct
way without offending either side.  It is a gift!  These guys are true
problem solvers.
                                        Seth K.  Executive VP  Minnesota

We use Brian as a sounding board.  Sometimes we agree and
sometimes we don't.  We always get straight answers from a seasoned
perspective.  He has definitely aided our profitability over the past
several years.
                                        Doug M.  Bank CEO  Colorado

Brian is highly energetic, creative, and NO ONE has a better
understanding of the forces that drive bank profitability.  I'm not sure
that there is a banking problem these guys can't solve.
                                        Charles S.  Bank President Wyoming

Your people have been trusted, supportive, and helpful partners.  Your
contributions to our special asset department were invaluable.  Thank
                                        Suzanne D.  Bank CEO  California

We would like to add you to our list of satisfied clients.  
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