YCG offers a variety of services to its banking clients.  Here are
several examples of our services:

  • On-site senior management leadership.  We provide executives
    you can trust to make sound decisions on the projects you don't
    have time to handle yourself.  By taking on some of your biggest
    challenges, we help you have the time you need to accomplish
    the things that are most important to you.
  • Special Asset Management / Loan Work-Out Solutions.
  • Problem Loan Identification and resolution.
  • Loan Impairment Calculations.
  • Loan Review and Due Diligence Analysis.
  • Balance Sheet Management strategies to improve capital and/or
  • Profitability Improvement solutions that work.  We analyze your
    balance sheet, P&L statement, UBPR, and operational practices
    to recommend solutions for improving earnings.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Capital and Liquidity Planning
  • Board Education/Liaison.  These are unprecedented times for
    most bank boards.  We provide guidance to deal with changing
    regulatory philosophies.
  • Sale or acquisition analysis and required regulatory filings.

This is a summary of many of the services we provide to our clients.  
For more detailed information on any of these services, please
us.  If you have a need for a service not listed that deals with bank
management, it is likely that we may be able to help.

Some of the calls we receive pertain to services that we do not have
the ability to provide.  Invariably, we have a contact in the desired field
that we can refer for you.  We have helped dozens of banks with this
service alone in the past several years.