Under the current economic conditions, there seems to be a large
demand for loan work-out remedies and special asset management.  
Much of our recent experience has been doing just that in community
banks throughout the country.

We have resolved loans of all types and sizes for many banks in
different states.  Our work-out history reflects projects like a residential
400-lot housing tract loan, apartment buildings,
and single family
residences.  On the commercial side, our experience includes
medical/office buildings, strip malls, 300-unit condos, and horse
ranches.  We have even been on a "wild goose chase", or two,
tracking down and obtaining collateral.

As banks are failing and other banks are purchasing those assets, we
help the acquiring banks to 1.) identify which loans they desire to own,
and 2.) modify or foreclose the loans in compliance with FDIC
agreements tied to the acquisitions.

If you have loan challenges and need additional help or expertise in
resolving these issues,
call us today.

Based on recent experience, we have found that banks that have the
desire and the capital to reduce non-performing assets have hired us
to accomplish this task at a cost of, on average, less than 1% of the
resolved assets.

Would you like to reduce your NPA's?  Would you pay 1% to make
those NPA's go away?  Most likely, the answer is YES!!  If so,
call us