YCG offers premier education for senior-level bank management
through the
Bank CFO Network and the Bank Senior Lender Network.  
Please click on either for additional details.

As a further benefit, YCG offers bank board education sessions at the
local level.  This provides directors with a chance to learn new
responsibilities as well as changing regulatory philosophies in the
comfort of their own boardroom.

Finally, Brian Yarrington offers bank board liaison services to clients
who desire to have additional banking expertise associated with the
bank's board in this changing environment.  In this scenario, Brian will
attend board meetings
-- as an advisor, not a member -- providing
experienced guidance and expertise to the bank's board of directors.  
Attendance can be monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually in person, on
the telephone, or via video conferencing.

This is a great option for banks looking to immediately improve the
depth of their Board.